SCAM PTC SITES In this page you can find a list of suspicious sites and PTC or BUX sites that do not pay. Ptc Scam Sites List | Ptc Sites Investigations 2013 | Suspicious Ptc Sites | Not Recommended List - Ptc Scam. This is a list of SCAM SITES that have scammed users. The worst of the worst. We would not recommend any of these sites to anyone. My PTC SCAM LIST is updated regulary. By providing you this list I hope to prevent you from wasting time and money on those sites. This is a pretty long list of PTC SCAM SITES. I recommend you check this list from time to time to avoid wasting your time or being SCAMMED. The list was built by adding PTC SCAM SITES that have wasted my time, and also ptc sites that other people complaint about.