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Millions of Opportunity prevail in India to make huge money. But 90% of these opportunities are in government jobs as the demand of corruption is very high (lol). Employees compete themselves according to the amount of bribe they take. Some are caught, and some wait for their imprisonment. But in this tutorial you will only find legitimate ways and what a common man in India is using to make money on Internet. If this is your dream then I suggest you to pay a keen attention to this guide. The Bulk is over(90%) as I said above, but the remaining 10% opportunities which I will tell you in this article make your life much easier, risk free, satisfied and enjoyable and at the same time you can earn tons of money. And you know where the remaining 10% opportunities lies? It's on Internet. Internet is the fastest growing platform now-a-days. Facebooking seems to be a thing of the past,and most people in India are now focusing to make money Online. 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Most PTC will pay you $0.01 to $0.03 per ad you view. Step 1: Create a new email account. It's good practice to get a separate account before becoming a member of a PTC site. This makes it easier to manage your emails by keeping things separate and helps to keep your main email accounts from getting junk mail. Most of the free email account providers have junk mail filtering. Check your junk mail settings to ensure you will get email from any PTC sites that you join. You can get your free email accounts at the Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Step 2: Sign-up for a Paypal and Payza account. Getting paid by PTC sites is usually done via a payment processor such as Paypal or Payza. If you haven't heard of Payza, it works just like Paypal. Signing up with these payment processors does not require a credit card and is free. Great things about using payment processors are that it makes receiving payments quicker, keeps your PTC payments separate and you withdraw payment any time (Paypal and Payza transfer money in your bank a/c or send check to your address) and also you can use them to purchase other things online instead of using a credit card. oin for Free and earn $0.01 (Rs.0.50) per Advertisement View. Also earn $0.01 (Rs.0.50) per direct referral and 10% of your downline work. If any one of your direct referrals upgrade their account you get $2 (Rs.100) for every one of them. If you want to earn more money from clixsense, upgrade your account just $15 (Rs.750) only. After upgrading your account you found 400 plus ads in your account to click [Worth $4 (Rs.200)]. Plus every person that singup free under you, you get $.20 (Rs.10) and if they upgrade their account, you get $2 (Rs.100) for every direct members. 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